I had a great time at summer camp! If you were in my demo session or curious about latex crafting I've put up the relevant information here:

If you have any questions you can contact me at claus

useful stuff:

the catsuit pattern generator!

or the plotting worksheet if you prefer the pen on paper way.

here are the class notes from 9/11/15

latex retailers who sell by the yard:

MJ trends has always been the best US retailer.

Latex crazy is a UK retailer.

an apology, a history:

What a shitty website! Except for the calculator application I made it with my phone on a plane. It used to have quite a bit of content. There were lots of lessons and tips i picked up about latex crafting. Before social media (remember that? ) this was a profile and point of contact. It was a showcase of the things i made and did. Then i went commercial. The 3d vac racks i was making had potential. With the help of some talented friends we built a business on it and this became a store front. After a few wild years we sold it to the wonderful people at mr s and it still does well as rage rubber. For a few more years rubberyfun.com redirected customers to their site. By the time that wasn't necessary i had no more need for a social website and rubberyfun.com went dark.

Lately, I've been teaching about latex crafting again and having an online reference is useful. To help with lessons i designed a system to generate patterns that is a unique and useful tool. I wish something like this hag been around when i was first learning and I'm happy to share it. So after many years this site is slowly coming back to life. You have my apologies for the sawdust and crap Web design...I'll work on aesthetics later. Until then rubberyfun.com will again become a resource for latex design and a showcase of my creations.